Monday, March 8, 2010


Got the fly box ready and went up to Salmon. Went too far down the river to deep water. Deeper than I could really cover on the swing.

As all I tied into was one 4 inch bow, one 13" cutthroat and one sucker fish I am just going to show the fly box ;)

Eggs of which I lost about 1/2 of the ones seen here. Luckily they take about a minute an egg. These are otter soft eggs in the 6mm size. I pushed a small red glass bead into the egg before pushing the egg over the eye.

Various flies tied over the last few months. Each takes me over an hour.


Bigerrfish said...

It doesnt matter how long it takes as long as you have enough to fish for the whole time your fishing... your flies are looking great.. I have found you can gain speed by assigning yourself five more after the first on is done!!!

jabberwock said...

Five more.... man I would be on the vise all night! ;)

I am trying to get better and faster at these steelhead flies.

Bigerrfish said...

ha someone told me that once,,,shure lit a fire under my butt!! have fun with your flies make them perfect plan another,, speed comes soon after. I am not saying I am fast but have you ever got a late report on a hot fly you didnt have or couldnt bye..? you cant spend the whole hatch tyin em. P.S. thanks for checkin out my blog

jabberwock said...

I can bang out most nymph patterns in a matter of minutes and a parachute post dry fly or hackle stacker in around 5-7 minutes, but these big spey style flies with all their hackle and steps just seem to take me longer.