Sunday, March 17, 2013

Gunnel Repair

The gunnels on my new to me skiff have some weak spots. As I started on them with the grinder, I learned that the weakspots were a previous repair where some one had filled softspots with bondo. Bondo is not waterproof and promptly rotted.

I ground out all of the weakspots and filled them with epoxy thickened with wood flour and 1/4 inch fiber glass chop. I'll post a pic of the filled holes tomorrow or so. --EDITED TO ADD-- After the epoxy cured I knocked down the high spots with the sure form.

Epoxy filled with 1/4" chopped fiber does not go on real smooth, but it does go in very strong. I will have to fair this all out and clean it up. Tomorrow.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Back to blogging

Screw sharing all of my thoughts and pics on facebook it is back to my blog. As I am no longer in the mountains of ID and am still stuck in the flatlands of Texas perhaps the blog needs a new name? Too much work. What have I been up to? Some fly tying: A fall steelhead trip to the clearwater: Where I ate wild black berries. Some good mexican food. Saw some big fish in the hatchery, caught 0 steelheads, and almost slipped on the treacherous river bottom more time than I care to count. Been working on a drift boat build: And have been taking the boys fishing on the local rivers and down on the coast: For the next little while I will probably chronicle my boat building here, as my fishing days have been pared back from the halcyon days of Idaho. I'll try to update about weekly.