Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Another Spey Fly

I am learning that material makes a huge difference. The last one I tied used only schlappen which was too short and too stiff, this one uses mainly marabou... a little too soft. I may have to try rhea or BEP for the next one.

I still need to figure out what to use to make a neater head coating.

But I am happier with this one.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Steelhead Flies

Still trying to improve my ties.

First: Green Butt Skunk.

I am pretty happy with this one but next time need to use some type of hair wing for the lower wing instead of marabou fibers. Tied on a size 4 tiemco hook. I forget the number. Cut off the eye and replaced it with some 30 lb backing. Sharpened the point with a file to a long gradual transition for easier penetration.

One thing I would like to do better is the finish on the head of my flies. This one used nail polish and it is a little lumpy. I want to achieve a nice uniform finish.... I have tried flex cement with ok result. There must be a better cement/paint/something out there that the pros are using. So what is it?

Next a spey fly... supposed to look like:

(from silveysflyfishing.blogspot.com)

ended up like:

Sorry about the crappy photo, using macro in low light situations with no flash is not ideal.

I used 5-7 inch schlappen and the fibers do not look as long nor as soft as the feathers in the fly I was trying to achieve. So if any one has any hints on what materials to use and how to tie the original, the hints are appreciated.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Getting caught up

In late January, on a sunny afternoon I went out on the SF at the Lorenzo bridge hoping for some midges on top and possibly some BWOs. I had been thinking about going up to the Big Lost but decided to take the 5 minute drive instead of the 95 minute drive. Apparently it was the wrong decision.

No bugs on top, no rising fish seen all day. I couldn't even dredge up a white fish on a nymph. When you can't catch a white fish on a nymph on the SF you need to rethink your hobby ;).

So in an effort to get the skunk off of me, I and Mike S took a little trip down to a local spring creek that feeds a reservoir and has a run of large rainbows in the late winter. Fish that can average 5 lbs on a good day. The big pigs weren't in. This is a water I usually catch rainbows in, and the odd cutthroat. This day I caught brown trout up to about 18 inches, rainbows up to about 13 inches, no cutts and of all the unexpected things, a yellow perch. First pan fish I have ever caught on a fly, I reckon he was a fugitive from the reservoir.

Been tying steelhead flies as steelhead are another of Idaho native species. I purchased some better materials than the craft store guinea hen hackle and watched a couple of videos, and my flies are getting better.

Next couple of weeks will see me back at the spring creek, out on the Big Lost and then up on the Salmon around Challis for steelhead.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Update on Utah Water Access Battle

I really need to post my shots from my last outing, but it may have to wait till after my next outing (couple of days till hog hunting on a local spring creek).

The battle goes on in Utah. HB-80 essentially died in the House Rules and Natural Resources committees and so it has been taken to the other chamber where it has been introduced as Senate Bill 267 (so SB-267).

2 Other bills have been introduced to the House. McIff's bill HB-141 that would essentialy overturn the Conatser decision and prohibit the public from utilizing any of the public's water and fish over private property, and HB-290 which require "wet boot". HB-290 also includes language stating that the public has no easement, again in direct opposition to the 5-0 Utah Supreme Court decision.

If you are a Utah resident make sure you contact all your representatives, both in the House and Senate seeking support for SB-267 and voicing opposition to HB-141 & HB-290.

Hopefully I will have some fishing pics up by the end of the week.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Going Viral Utah HB-80

Well I was planning to post pics and a write up about my last outing on the SF.... but pleas to get the word out on the water access battle going on in Utah have reached me and so I will help the campaign.

There is currently a piece of Legislature before the Utah House sponsored by Rep Lorie Fowlke defining the easement to recreate on all waters in the state per the Conatser Supreme Court Decision. HB-80 was drafted following an open process seeking the input of both land owners and recreationist, with the goal of producing a compromise for both parties.

Currently the bill is being held up in the Rules committee chaired by Rep. Ferry (who sponsored a bill last year HB-187 that would have effectively gutted the Conatser decision boo!). The rumor mill also notes that there are two other bills in the pipes. Both have no public input. One of the rumored bills is seeking for a "wet boot" definition of the easement. The other, sponsored by Rep McIff would allegedly legislate away the Conatser ruling. Such a bill passing would most likely end up in court, as the Conatser decision was unanimous and based on public doctrine.

If you live in Utah an recreate on the state water ways get involved and contact your representative seeking support for the bill that was derived through a public process, HB-80.

The main clearing houses for information on the battle are the Utah on the Fly website www.utahonthefly.com and the Utah Water Guardians website http://utahwaterguardians.org .

Utah Water Guardians have solicited the aid of a full time lobbyist and so are accepting donations to help fund the battle.

Again if you in any way recreate on the many waters of Utah, be it fishing, rafting, kayaking, boating, water fowl hunting etc then you need to get involved in this battle. you do not necessarily have to be a citizen of the state. If you spend your $$$s recreating in the state and the outcome of this battle will effect the way you spend your dollars then contact member of the legislature and let them know.

There is a rally at the Utah State Capitol building Febuary 5th 11:30 am.

Get Involved!