Saturday, March 13, 2010

Preparation Chrome

So today in preparation of a steelhead trip at some point in the near future I:

Examined my old Chota STL wading puts and thought about putting the stud kit in them. 5 years of hard use and they are pretty much beyond redemption. Soles are destroyed, leather is worn through in a couple of spots. They were great boots but they are now gone.

Took the Reddingtoon Boots I purchased cheap last spring and put the studs into them. These have not been real good boots. I have glued the soles back on a couple of times. The nylon spots are wearing through without a whole lot of use. And they have always been a little loose. So I glued and the screwed the soles on, used the Chota screw studs. Soles won't be coming back off ;) and threw an extra foot liner into them from an old pair of sneaker both to tighten them up and so that the screw tips never meet my waders.

I am either going to get another set of STLs (those Chotas have been great boots for me) or a pair of Korkers to match my summer hikers.

Patched a leak in my waders. Hope I got that bugger. Though last time I went a couple of weeks back the water was actually much warmer than it was for my last fall trip.

Replaced the trailer wiring kit on my rig. It hadn't been working for a while and I purchased the replacement kit last fall.

Replaced the tail lights on my boat trailer with submersible LED lights. No more blown bulbs when hot light meets cold river. Though it does appear that I have a side marker out still. I'll have to chase that down later. Those LEDs look awesome... much brighter than my old filament bulbs.

Now it is time to tie up some replacement soft milking eggs. Lost 1/2 dozen last outing. Reports have 24 fish up to the Pahsemeroi hatchery so there are fish now most of the way up to Challis. I will most likely fish right around North fork or Carmen.

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Cutthroat Stalker said...

Just got my Korkers last week.Plan on testing them this week on the South Fork Boise. As well as a hike into Little Jack's Creek. I'll see how they do. I'm expecting pictures by the end of the week showing that chrome off.