Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Steelheading 2010

My biggest problem when taking pictures on a fishing trip is that I really like to fish and never take time out to shoot (I am not sure how those of you like JayMore, Corey K, and FV manage to do both)..... so when I took my 4 year old son back to Idaho for a quick chrome outing with his grandparents, well I didn't get enough pics.

Now I am not a cinematographer, and partnered with my lack of photo skills, I do not produce the best videos....... but I try.

We fished 2 days, got some nice fish and had a memorable time. My son had a lot of fun, floated the river, fished a bit, rowed a bit, and played with sticks and rocks a lot. He enjoyed his trip with his grandparents and was a great fishing partner.

I am trying to build memories with my kids and hope to make a steelhead outing a yearly experience. As grandpa and grandma also had a great time, this may be an easier sell to Ivana (disguise my chrome addiction as a family outing).

My mother caught the first steelhead of the trip, and her first fish since our Alaska outing years ago. I tied into a few the first day, but it wasn't until the 2nd day that Dad and I landed fish. Both wild, hard fighting, big and both within a couple dozen feet of the other.

Dad picked up 1/2 dozen out of this hole but only managed to land a couple. He did find a very productive hole and had one big bruiser bust his hook.

I took my new spey rod and cast it for the first time. I need spey lessons ;) but I still managed to get into fish.

For the bigger, better version of the video click here.