Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Allen & Co gear

As the prices were too good to pass up I picked up an Allen & Co XL reel, a spare spool, and two lines. With shipping the whole shooting match was just over $100.00 (now where else can you get a LA reel, a spare spool and 2 lines for under $100.00 bones?). I have used the reel and line once and am pleased with the results. The machine work and tolerances look very good. The carbon fiber drag has nice adjustability and good stopping power. In all, I am very happy with the purchase.

From my interactions with the owner of the company, Justin, I would say that he is a very stand up guy. By my interaction and various other reports on the web it shows he goes out of his way to ensure that his customers are satisfied with their purchases.

So for anyone looking for some good gear at incredible prices check out Allen & Co.


Bigerrfish said...

ya man i think fish are bargan shopers and appriciat a smart purchase..

Stinkpalm said...

Thanks for the tip. Will check them out.

BTW, GREAT blog mate. First time on, but I am thoroughly enjoying it.


jabberwock said...

looks like you are a SF regular. Get ahold of me some time if you want to hit the water.

Stinkpalm said...

That would be awesome. I am in IF.

Brent 881-1108