Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Update on Utah Water Access Battle

I really need to post my shots from my last outing, but it may have to wait till after my next outing (couple of days till hog hunting on a local spring creek).

The battle goes on in Utah. HB-80 essentially died in the House Rules and Natural Resources committees and so it has been taken to the other chamber where it has been introduced as Senate Bill 267 (so SB-267).

2 Other bills have been introduced to the House. McIff's bill HB-141 that would essentialy overturn the Conatser decision and prohibit the public from utilizing any of the public's water and fish over private property, and HB-290 which require "wet boot". HB-290 also includes language stating that the public has no easement, again in direct opposition to the 5-0 Utah Supreme Court decision.

If you are a Utah resident make sure you contact all your representatives, both in the House and Senate seeking support for SB-267 and voicing opposition to HB-141 & HB-290.

Hopefully I will have some fishing pics up by the end of the week.

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