Sunday, February 21, 2010

Steelhead Flies

Still trying to improve my ties.

First: Green Butt Skunk.

I am pretty happy with this one but next time need to use some type of hair wing for the lower wing instead of marabou fibers. Tied on a size 4 tiemco hook. I forget the number. Cut off the eye and replaced it with some 30 lb backing. Sharpened the point with a file to a long gradual transition for easier penetration.

One thing I would like to do better is the finish on the head of my flies. This one used nail polish and it is a little lumpy. I want to achieve a nice uniform finish.... I have tried flex cement with ok result. There must be a better cement/paint/something out there that the pros are using. So what is it?

Next a spey fly... supposed to look like:


ended up like:

Sorry about the crappy photo, using macro in low light situations with no flash is not ideal.

I used 5-7 inch schlappen and the fibers do not look as long nor as soft as the feathers in the fly I was trying to achieve. So if any one has any hints on what materials to use and how to tie the original, the hints are appreciated.

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