Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Going Viral Utah HB-80

Well I was planning to post pics and a write up about my last outing on the SF.... but pleas to get the word out on the water access battle going on in Utah have reached me and so I will help the campaign.

There is currently a piece of Legislature before the Utah House sponsored by Rep Lorie Fowlke defining the easement to recreate on all waters in the state per the Conatser Supreme Court Decision. HB-80 was drafted following an open process seeking the input of both land owners and recreationist, with the goal of producing a compromise for both parties.

Currently the bill is being held up in the Rules committee chaired by Rep. Ferry (who sponsored a bill last year HB-187 that would have effectively gutted the Conatser decision boo!). The rumor mill also notes that there are two other bills in the pipes. Both have no public input. One of the rumored bills is seeking for a "wet boot" definition of the easement. The other, sponsored by Rep McIff would allegedly legislate away the Conatser ruling. Such a bill passing would most likely end up in court, as the Conatser decision was unanimous and based on public doctrine.

If you live in Utah an recreate on the state water ways get involved and contact your representative seeking support for the bill that was derived through a public process, HB-80.

The main clearing houses for information on the battle are the Utah on the Fly website www.utahonthefly.com and the Utah Water Guardians website http://utahwaterguardians.org .

Utah Water Guardians have solicited the aid of a full time lobbyist and so are accepting donations to help fund the battle.

Again if you in any way recreate on the many waters of Utah, be it fishing, rafting, kayaking, boating, water fowl hunting etc then you need to get involved in this battle. you do not necessarily have to be a citizen of the state. If you spend your $$$s recreating in the state and the outcome of this battle will effect the way you spend your dollars then contact member of the legislature and let them know.

There is a rally at the Utah State Capitol building Febuary 5th 11:30 am.

Get Involved!

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