Friday, December 11, 2009

Gary Loomis joins Temple Fork Outfitters

A while back the Drake was running a spoof notice of how the re-animated corpse of Ernest Hemmingway had joined the staff at TFO, and I read it and was amused as it at times appears that every industry "great" has joined the staff. TFO's list of notables in the fly fishing world seems to grow every time I turn around, running the gamut from Lefty Kreh, Bob Clouser, and Jim Teeny and now notable rod designer and builder Gary Loomis is going to have significant impact on a line of spinning rods that TFO is introducing.

As one who owns several TFO products I have been pleased with the value of the product, and their great customer service. I look forward to seeing Gary's input on their product lines.

(Researching this a little further... I guess this is somewhat old news, but it was new to me ;) )


mike doughty said...

i really enjoyed my Ticr stick

jabberwock said...

I have a TiCr 5wt and a TiCrX 5 wt. Between them they are my go to sticks and have landed 100s of fish on the SF, local creeks, down your way, on the ranch, on the Green, etc.

I have contemplated replacing them with some Albright A-5s but after some of the comments on the recent Albright Warranty thread at UTOF and BFT I am a little leery.

TFO's warranty replacement policy and customer service has been excellent.

mike doughty said...

my Ticr was a #4 that i used the hell out of. i would like to get another cause it really is a great stick especially since it only costs me $100 to build. tough to beat $25 replacement fee as well.