Sunday, March 3, 2013

Back to blogging

Screw sharing all of my thoughts and pics on facebook it is back to my blog. As I am no longer in the mountains of ID and am still stuck in the flatlands of Texas perhaps the blog needs a new name? Too much work. What have I been up to? Some fly tying: A fall steelhead trip to the clearwater: Where I ate wild black berries. Some good mexican food. Saw some big fish in the hatchery, caught 0 steelheads, and almost slipped on the treacherous river bottom more time than I care to count. Been working on a drift boat build: And have been taking the boys fishing on the local rivers and down on the coast: For the next little while I will probably chronicle my boat building here, as my fishing days have been pared back from the halcyon days of Idaho. I'll try to update about weekly.

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