Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What not to do

When you go boating do not do the following: (this is not me nor anyone I know, just some random dude on the interwebz)

I lost power with my trolling motor 30 ft away from the spillway and it started sucking me in pretty dam fast so i tried starting my big motor but since it is an old motor it didnt start in time so went down the spillway like a pinball in a pinball machine. one of my friends the one in the black shorts in that pic was able to get up the other side of the mountain and get help the rest of us were helped by search and rescue..... free rock climbing lessons! They dont have a cable accross the spillway or buoys by it or any signs so anyone going to tarryall stay away from that spill way it has a pretty dam strong current from 30-40 feet out in the lake. (Im the one in the white shorts watching my boat get smashed up by a wench)

p.s. we caught 64 stocker size trout that day before all that!


Sanders said...

At least you caught some fish before the "incident"...glad everyone is about the boat!

jabberwock said...

Oh that wasn't us. Just some random dude on the internet.