Friday, July 2, 2010

Salmon and salmon flies.

Sitting on the sofa in TX. The kids and I waded a local creek last Saturday. The bottom was a solid piece of limestone, kind of cool, and the temps were like my bathtub.

Hoping to make if back to the SF for a day next week, hopefully the salmon flies put in an appearance.

Support wild salmon and steelhead. Wild salmon at dagger falls on the headwaters of the MF of the Salmon. Nice!


Cutthroat Stalker said...

Good to hear from you! Bathtub temps, huh? Probably not a lot of cutties in there, eh? ;-) How are those bass poppers working out for you though?

-scott c

jabberwock said...

I doubt there are any cutthroat within 500 miles of me... How far are the Gila mtns again? Though there are some rainbows less than an hour away in the US southern most trout fishery.

It is raining like crazy (Hurrican Alex) and with the limestone caprock nothing sinks into the ground. It all ends up in the creeks which are 3-4' higher now than last week.

I left the rods in ID. I'll try for bass in a couple of weeks.