Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Steelheading the headwaters

Took a trip up above Challis and fished from a few miles above Challis to a few miles above Clayton. The water really gets skinny above Clayton but all of the water from Challis up is a lot more fly fish friendly than below the MF confluence.

We hit Deadman's Hole right at about sunrise and I saw a couple of big steelhead rolling in the hole right below the cliffs. Within a few casts I was into my fist steelhead. A big (around 30 inch) wild buck. I didn't take him out of the water, and so didn't get a picture.

As the sun rose more people started to crowd the hole right above and below the rock so Jake and I moved down 20 yards to a bend in the river. I worked the bend and picked up the hatchery buck after just a few minutes. Worked the hole for a while longer and then wondered a few hundred yard down and then up the river looking for other spots.

Jake and his dad stayed in the bend and fished it for a couple of hours with no success. They were getting ready to meet some friends down at Ellis when I came back. So I started to fish the bend again and again iin a few mintes tied into the hen.

After lunch I fished closer down by Challis for a while and had one good bite. I then drove up river scouting it out and fished a few areas above Clayton. The river is very skinny above the East Fork and will be for a while longer until run off season really starts.

Yellow was the hot color of the day so I tied up a bead bodied yellow spey when I got home.

This was my fastest day of steelheading yet and I hope to go 1-2 more times before the end of the season.

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Cutthroat Stalker said...

Kevin, Good to see you got into a few fish!