Thursday, March 19, 2009


Originally I had planned to head back up to the big lost this week at some point, but John's (fishing buddy) schedule didn't allow for it. So yesterday we snuck out for 2 hours on the SF of the Snake near the old Ririe railroad bridge hoping to find some top feeding fish.

When we got to our normal parking spot for this stretch there were already three cars there and fishermen up and down the river for hundreds of yard. So we drove up river another 1/4 mile. As we pulled over another car pulled up and a carload of hardware huckers disgorged 5 people who beat a hasty path for the river. Above us at Cress Creek there were more cars.

The fishing was pretty good on zebra midges, there were a few feeding on the top sporadically, but not consistently enough to warrant switching to dries. I picked up fish on my first 4 drifts in the hole we fished. John put the hurt on the whities catching half the whities in the river.

On the drive back home we saw 3 different cars at our normal pullout. 3 cars at Twin Bridges by the north bridge, people on the dry bed.... basically people every where. Amazing what a little nice weather will do. With the number of people on the river you would have thought it prime salmon fly hatch, and not a Wednesday afternoon in mid-March. I was quite surprised by the sheer number of people on the river. Side note: The river is running low and clear.

Ohh and I forgot my camera again..... DOH!


Mike said...

That's funny. I was out there yesterda,but I was down by the Wolf's boat ramp. :)

jabberwock said...
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